Silanes as Primers and Adhesion Promoters
Organosilanes are "molecular bridges" that are used as primers and adhesion promoters for coatings or adhesives. The addition of a silane at the interface results in high bond strength and corrosion r
Air Liquide Electronics Raises Silane Prices 2012.05.08
Implantable devices to be powered by organosilicon compounds in the future 2012.04.16
Cheap Solar Power 2012.03.20
New approach aims to slash cost of solar cells 2012.03.12
A New Rubber Silane for Future 2012.03.05
U-M students turn Green Silane into award-winning start-up 2012.03.01
China’s Organosilicon Industry Develops Fast but Is Still Fragile 2012.02.28
Simulations explain peculiar nature of molecular hydrogen vibration under high pressure 2012.02.21
Explosive Silicon Gas Casts Shadow on Solar Power Industry 2012.02.08
Silane Coupling Agents 2011.12.27
EE Times corrects story on silane as a potential superconductor 2011.12.13
China adhesive enterprise development problems and their coping strategies 2011.12.07
China's current application of polyethylene resin dedicated a brief analysis 2011.11.29
Organofunctional silane coupling agent and iPhone 4 2011.11.21
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