Silanes as Primers and Adhesion Promoters
Organosilanes are "molecular bridges" that are used as primers and adhesion promoters for coatings or adhesives. The addition of a silane at the interface results in high bond strength and corrosion r
Methyltrimethoxysilane-For Water repellent, Filler modifier, Constituent of sol-gel materials 2014.03.25
Surface Treatments of Hydrophobic 2014.02.25
Paint/ Ink additives(II) 2014.01.20
Paint/ Ink additives(I) 2014.01.20
Do You Have Treasures In Your Sealent or Adhesive? 2014.01.15
A hot-selling Commom Silane - 3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane 2014.01.09
Profirst Promotion – Diphenyldichlorosilane (99%min) 2013.12.17
Lotus Effect of Fluorosilane 2013.12.10
Silane in Coating 2013.11.01
Easy-to-Clean and Anti-Graffiti Surfaces 2013.08.09
Effect of silane coupling agent on the durability of epoxy adhesion for structural strengthening app 2013.07.01
Profirst working arrangement for Dragon Boat Festival 2013.06.07
Silicones as Mold-Making Elastomers 2013.05.09
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