Silanes as Primers and Adhesion Promoters
Organosilanes are "molecular bridges" that are used as primers and adhesion promoters for coatings or adhesives. The addition of a silane at the interface results in high bond strength and corrosion r
Typical Silane Applications 2016.03.01
New silane coupling agents for NRtruck tire applications 2016.02.02
Organosilicon compounds help improve lithium battery technology 2016.02.01
New silane coupling agents for truck tire applications. 2016.01.22
Epoxy modified organic silicone resin is widely used in special coatings 2016.01.21
Using Silanes as Adhesion Promoter 2015.09.08
Thermal and electrochemical stability of organosilicon electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries 2015.09.08
Sulfur silane coupling agent 2015.09.07
Silane Chemistry 2015.07.11
Easy-to-Clean and Anti-Graffiti Surfaces 2015.07.09
Silicones in Coatings 2015.04.14
Silanes for Adhesives 2015.04.02
Hydrophobic Silane Surface Treatments 2015.04.01
The development trend of organic silicon material crosslinking technology 2015.03.13
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