The development trend of organic silicon material crosslinking technology

At present, the developing direction of the world of organic silicon technology is high performance, multi-function and points out that through technological advances and new additives, by changing crosslinking mode, such as copolymerization and blending modification technology realizes the organic polymer and silicon material composition, is the important direction of development of organic silicon technology.

The traditional way of organic silicone resin and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber was to use silicon alcohol and alkoxy shrinkage and reaction,  and the use of ethylene and hydrogen addition reaction of technology development has brought a lot of technology progress.Such as addition reaction can control the curing speed, and no by-product generated, so improves the product's performance and heat resistance properties.

In recent years, with silicon hydrogen and clinch a deal developed liquid silicone rubber special concern.It is vary in size and molecular weight, from thousands of to 1.2 million vinyl raw rubber and containing Si - H teens (mole fraction) of hydrogen silicone oil as well as catalyst and packing.This mixture of viscosity is small, part of raw rubber for vinyl sealing side, the hydrogen silicone oil have Si - H head.SiVi and SiH activity of the end is bigger, have to packing need to repeatedly processing, sufficient to remove surface hydroxyl groups.Liquid silicone rubber tensile strength can be up to 8 to 9 mpa, the elongation of 500-600%, its production efficiency is high, each machine can produce one million parts for a year, for the production of small parts which can reduce the cost of a quarter, so the liquid silicone rubber development quickly in recent years.

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